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21st Century Peak Performance Skills modeled and taught will positively impact the ability of our youth to succeed in the classroom, workplace and in life….


We share our expertise and information in a variety of ways. We work collaboratively with you to find the format that will achieve your specific objectives.


Whether it is a keynote or breakout session a customized, powerful and inspiring program based on SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING…Peak Performance/Leadership EQ (accountability/communication/teamwork) will be presented and packed with practical information.  Participants walk away with ideas they can apply immediately.


Children’s Leadership Institute will create a custom-designed professional development program providing your staff with the tools and skills needed to excel.  We customize our programs for each organization’s unique blend of opportunity, culture and resources.  Each program is structured to meet the specific needs of the organization, while capitalizing on the knowledge base and expertise within the organization.  We work within your parameters of time, resources and costs.

  • The Seeds of Success/LEQ (SEL) K-12 program is designed specifically to assist districts/schools and educational organizations in maximizing their human resources (staff and students) towards 21st Century Peak Performance.   Each program module is structured to target the specific knowledge and expertise within the organization.  A hands on approach to developing peak performance skills in the overarching areas of accountability, communication and teamwork will allow participants to be more successful professionally and personally.

Focusing on accountability-communication and teamwork skills…one or two day workshops designed for all stakeholders preparing students for success in the 21st Century.

Focusing on successful group work…one-day workshop designed  for educators seeking specific strategies to improve group work within the classroom, a more positive culture  within the classroom/school and higher student achievement. The strategies taught within the workshop also align with the Colorado Educator Effectiveness model and effective teaching strategies.


CLI partners with you to move your organization from where you are to where you want to go.  We work collaboratively with you to improve productivity and performance.  Peak Performance for Principals is a program outlined specifically for long term results and can be customized for all staff.


From strategic planning, team-building, retreats, to focus groups, our team members bring their collaborative facilitation skills to help you achieve your specific objectives and produce outstanding results.

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Dr. Vicki L. Rueckert
1215 Town Center Drive,
Fort Collins, CO  80524

Dr. Rueckert is directing her efforts towards assisting districts/schools and educational organizations in maximizing performance of both staff and students.  Throughout her career she has been involved in a variety of leadership roles encompassing the areas of education, business management, planning, training and development. She was founder of EduLink, Inc., a nonprofit development, training and resource center dedicated to creating sustained student achievement within the schools.  As CLI’s Director of Education her primary responsibilities center on advancing our K-12 Seeds of Success/LEQ program to positively impact student and staff performance in schools and districts across the nation.

Dr. Rueckert has served as Superintendent of Schools, Executive Director of Human Resources, Administrative Consultant k-12 and Principal.  She has been actively involved in life-long learning programs, including community education and the linking of high school programs to community college studies.  Dr. Rueckert has also assisted districts/communities in the development of school-business partnership programs.  She has worked as a national presenter for educational programs, including workshops on strategic and systemic planning, peak performance and instructional strategies. Her programs have uniquely linked the Effective Schools Research to the demands for teaching/modeling the people skills needed for continued success both on the job and in life.  She is an approved CDE provider for evaluator certification training.

Dr. Rueckert has served in a variety of leadership roles through board appointments including the Governor appointed position on the State of Iowa Vocational Educational Council, School Administrators of Iowa, Iowa Academic Decathlon, Iowa Talented and Gifted Association, Phi Delta Kappa International, Kappa Delta Phi, Rotary International and United Way.  She previously hosted and produced a weekly television program-Perspectives in Education.