Professional Development

The professional development component of our Seeds of Success/Leadership EQ program is designed specifically to maximize performance personally, professionally and organizationally, focusing on the 21st Century skills/leadership skills covered in the student program.  The program also mirrors many of the states’ educator standards whereby educators can develop and evolve with their students.

  • Integrates characteristics of high performing organizations and individuals with the research on effective schools
  • Promotes self-reflection, goal setting and high ethical standards
  • Facilitates establishing a safe, inclusive and respectful learning environment within the classroom and the school
  • Target the specific knowledge and expertise to bring about sustained student achievement
  • Promotes Social Emotional Learning strategies for teaching and modeling Skills for 21st Century within the curriculum
  • Hands-on training for all staff

Cooperative Learning training is an integral component of our Seeds of Success/LEQ professional development and designed to:

  • Improve group work within the classroom
  • Foster a more positive culture within the classroom and school
  • Raise student achievement of all students
  • Give students experiences for healthy social, psychological and cognitive development
  • Promote positive student-teacher relationships