Seeds of Success/Leadership EQ uses a research-based, data-driven approach that positively impacts all staff and students.  It provides a logical, sequential and balanced process to meet the desired education and social outcomes identified within a district, school and/or classroom.

Content from the Growing Field Books is key component of the Seeds of Success/LEQ program.  The award-winning children’s philosophy series provides a definitive voice in youth motivation and a foundation for our program.  The series’ timeless leadership principles (individuality, dreams, goals, self-esteem, confidence, commitment, work ethic, responsibility, determination, attitude, passion, perseverance and compassion) align with 21st Century/LEQ Skills identified for success in the classroom, workplace and life.  Students and staff together develop the ideas, beliefs and behaviors necessary for living their best life, creating a school culture exemplifying peak performance for all.

Seeds of Success/LEQ is also aligned to many national and state academic standards. Our program and resources are designed to radically improve the academic and personal achievement of students in any setting.

  • Our process facilitates educators modeling and teaching each of the 21st Century/EQ Leadership and Life Skills to positively impact the performance of all students
  • Training and coaching on the identified ‘Seeds of Success’ are provided to maximize the performance and success of all adults within the school, setting a new standard for excellence
  • Sustained student accountability and peak performance are addressed through specific training and follow-up programs for staff, students and parents including the Seeds of Success/LEQ mentoring program and CLI’s Success (S2) Summit

OWNERSHIP: To create ownership, continuity and success… community assemblies and parent workshops are facilitated by each school to connect parents, students and teachers to the Seeds of Success/LEQ program.