“I learned so many tools during the sessions that carried over into my classroom and daily life.  The format is loaded with easy activities and ideas can be used everyday.  My students have benefited immensely from my time at the workshop–I have seen increases in their scores and attitudes too!”
Middle School Teacher, Sheridan, Colorado
“This workshop was very powerful for me as it made me really stop and look at myself personally and professionally. I am challenged to rethink my goals, listening, and the effectiveness of using cooperative learning in my classroom. As a teacher my responsibility is to help prepare my students with the skills they need to enter the workforce and be responsible citizens. I truly learned so much from this whole workshop and look forward to being able to put into practice what I learned when the new school year begins.”
Elementary School Teacher, Adams 12, Thornton, Colorado
“This was exactly what I needed at this stage of my career. I have just completed my twenty sixth year of teaching in a variety of schools and I had begun to question my effectiveness, motivation and staying power. The sessions sparked my enthusiasm again, given me food for thought and strategies to implement in my personal and professional life.”
High School Teacher & Coach, Littleton, Colorado
“Our staff had the incredible opportunity to spend a day working on communication and relationship development. It was a day well spent. Too often professionals do not have the opportunity to develop their personal skills because the emphasis is on technical skills. Our staff appreciated the high-energy presentation.”
High School Principal, Fort Collins, Colorado
“The workshop was practical, productive, and personally applicable to my life in the classroom. The insights I gained energized me, while positively impacting my teaching strategies. My students have benefited already from the ideas I took away from this great workshop!”
Elementary School Teacher, Windsor, Colorado
“I found the sessions and assignments to be both powerful and providing a connection between my professional and personal life. I treasure what I took away from the workshop!”
Middle School Counselor, Madison, Wisconsin

“Hoog also drove his point home. He had all the students repeat after him, ‘Everything I will someday be, I am today becoming,’ and told them to start working toward their goals right away.”

Elementary Principal, Windsor, Colorado